Wine Festivals and Events in Australia

The majority of Australian people are wine lovers. As a result, Australia is not short on wine festivals and events. Sometimes the events are just regional while others include a wide number of winemakers from different regions. Also, the festivals are open to the public and thus, even in you are not the biggest wine lover, there is always a spot for everyone. Here are the most popular wine festivals in Australia.

Manly Wine, Food and Sustainability Festival

The wonderful festival that has been held annually for over 25 years is held on the Manly beach. The event is held in winter always towards the end of May. Lovers of wine have been fans of this great event, especially because no fee is required to attend. The festival includes the showcasing of various winemakers, and resident restaurants are also not left behind. However, if one wishes to participate in the festival, they are required to buy tokens plus a tasting glass.

Game of Rhones

With the hashtag of the festival being #wine is coming, the event is a major event for the Australian people. The whole festival is a big twist from the popular series Game of Thrones. This is so popular that it attracts over 40 winemakers and the people who attend it are given a chance to taste over 100 brands of wine. A particular amount is expected from people who want to go to the festival, but in exchange, the attendees are given a free ticket to taste as many brands as they like.

Sydney Cellar Door

The summer festival is the perfect way to spend an afternoon outdoors. The event is held at Hyde Park, and numerous food retailers join the gathering. To partake in this, people are required to buy tokens then use them to taste different brands. Once you buy a bottle, some of these you used for the tasting might be given back to you.