Quality Australian Wine Production and Grape Growing

Wine production has been a common practice in Australia for a long time. A crucial aspect of producing wine is growing grapes. As noted by proficient Australian wine producers and grape growers, it is necessary to follow the required steps to ensure quality production.

Plant the Right Grapevines

Though most grapevines are self-fertile, one should plant vines that are dormant and bare rooted. The most common type of grapevines grown in Australia are Muscadine and Muscat. In Australia, grapevines are planted between late autumn and early spring. Vines may not grow well if they are planted at the wrong time. Plus, since these plants require adequate sun, find a spot that receives ample light.

Proper Care of the Vines

Although Australian land is fertile, top-dressing the plants ensures they give quality produce. However, you are advised to consider feeding lightly during the second year and not the first. Mulching is essential to ensure wetness around the grapevine roots. Pruning in Australia is preferably done in the winter since vines are dormant at this time of the year.

Proper Harvesting

Although Australia prides itself with excellent wine, producing it starts from growing to storing to manufacturing. Since vines and grapes determine quality wine, consider harvesting them when they immediately mature. After the harvest, do not store them but take the fruit immediately to the winery.

Wine Production

To make top-notch wine, you need to regulate the temperatures for fermentation. Although Australia has a favourable climate, the grapes must be stored well. The best temperature is usually between 70° and 75°F. Cooler temperatures make the wine yeast dormant and eventually inactive.

Quality Ingredients

Some Australian winemakers sweeten their wine with sugarcane. However, a suitable option would be using honey because it will enhance the complexity of the drink and additionally make it sweet. An additional ingredient to always keep in mind during the production is wine stabilizer.